When you are dreaming, you can go anywhere -

Perhaps to the Arctic to see polar bears.

    They live in a world that is all snow and ice.

    Oh no!  It’s too cold there.  It’s not very nice!


Humans like places not cold or too hot –

Somewhere in between.  Let’s pick a good spot.

    Shall we go to a place that is sunny and bright?

    Continue to dream while we go on our flight.


Some tropical islands are coming in sight.

What sand do you like - black, gold or white?

    The isles are volcanic and some sand is black.

    Shall we linger a while, or shall we go back?


We’ll stay a short time, have a swim and get dry.

Ooh look!  There’s delicious ice-cream to buy.

    Have you quite finished?   Now what shall we do?

    Are you sure that you want to go on to a zoo?


“Please get up quickly or you’ll be late for school.”

Mum’s called.  You must wake!  Oh isn’t that cruel?

    You can go to the zoo in your dreams though tonight.

    Oh!  Dreamland’s a special place, packed with delight.  


Copyright on all my poems

Dreamland - Heading



By Josie Whitehead

Story Poems 2