Reflective Poems

Stand by my coffin but don’t shed a tear

For I live in the hearts of the ones who are dear.

     I’ll continue to live in the words that I wrote

     And those that still over the internet float.


I’m alive in the wind that blows over the plain -

In the sun, the snow and the soft gentle rain.

    I’m there when the leaves in autumn turn gold;

    There also in winter when the weather turns cold.


Yes, think of me too, but please do not weep.

Remember the poppies of eternal sleep;

    The bluebells that bring back new life after old

    And the *winter white princes alone in the cold.


So stand by my coffin but don’t shed a tear

For I’ve gone to a world where there’s nothing to fear;

     And I’ve travelled the path so well-trodden by others;

     I’m starting a life with new sisters and brothers.


Copyright on all my poems




*  Winter White Princes refers to my poem about snowdrops in which I give them this name.



By Josie Whitehead 

Secondary Schools Don't Shed a Tear - Heading