People Poems

A delivery van trundles through valleys and hills

It chugs past the factories, offices, mills.

    The man at the wheel has been here before.

    He knows well the street and looks for a door.


With parcels in hand, he then opens the gate,

Rings the doorbell and then patiently waits.

    A sound from inside means someone is in –

    Then the door’s opened wide by a boy with a grin.


A boy with a birthday?  Well, yes, you are right.

There are plenty of birthday cards clearly in sight.

    Look at the window sill.  What’s on display?

    So the parcels were sent for his special day.


The next on the list?  Well who can it be?

I hope it’s a parcel especially for me.

    There are so many people awaiting this van

     Who are happy to see the delivery man.


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By Josie Whitehead

Delivery Man - Heading

Write down a list of all the people who might visit your home either to bring something or to take something.  Don't forget Christmas.  Josie