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The sunlight shines on silver snow

Whilst cold winds over mountains blow.

They bite the cheek and chill the ear

As on I tread with face aglow.


The warnings on the news were clear,

With further snowfall quite severe,

But I, my challenge, undertake

With inner courage, little fear.


But winter storms can overtake

The bravest soul, without mistake,

And, wintry gales that seem asleep,

With strength and guile, can soon awake.


Search parties scour the hillsides steep.

They hunt with dogs, the snow so deep;

Whilst I, with Death, my date I keep;

Whilst I, with Death, my date I keep.



Copyright on all my poems






Tetrameter, ie four iambic feet per line.

Rhyming: aaba bbcb ccdc dddd


Try a poem written with this metre and rhyming.  It's very difficult I assure you.  Josie Whitehead



(Stopping by the Woods on a  

Snowy Evening by Robert Frost)

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