Anti-Bullying Poems

Far harsher than cold winds that blow

    And scatter leaves around your feet,

They burn the air and wound the heart -

     Those words of cruel deceit.


They settle in the inward soul

     But do not sleep and will not die;

Then when you least expect them to

      Return to make you sigh.


Cruel words are meant to injure you,

    To kindle pain and nurture stress,

And, as with seeds, they soon will grow

    And cause you great distress.


It’s better that these worthless weeds

    Are cut whilst growing in their prime.

Then fill the crevice in your heart

     With kind words more sublime.


Copyright on all my poems



By Josie Whitehead

Secondary Schools Spiritual/Reflective You're Somebody Special What You Give Out to Others

Cruel words are like seeds that are planted, and yes, they grow into worthless weeds, but nevertheless they do grow.  They cause great distress and especially when they come from someone whom you have given love and given everything you could to them.  Even silence from those you love is cruelty.  It grows and flourishes in our world, but do try yourself to give out to others the respect and the love that you would wish for yourself.  This would make for a happier world.  Give a smile and kind sentence to someone new, and let this seed of friendship grow. This poem was published in 2010 in my book: "Reflections" by AMS Educational Ltd, Leeds.

Cruel Words - Heading