Come, read me a poem that will carry me far

     On the wings of imaginary flight;

That will transport my mind to a fanciful world,

    On the soft gentle breeze of the night.


Come, read me a poem of magical lands,

    Where the fairies cavort in the sun;

Where dragons and unicorns – creatures unreal –

    Come to life, frisk around and have fun.


Come, read me a poem to lull me to sleep

    With a voice that’s melodic and sweet.

On the wings of your poem I’ll drift far away

    Now that my day is complete.


Copyright on all my poems

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I wrote my poems initially at the request of children whom I visited weekly at my local school.  They were the ones who asked me to put all my poems onto a website as they wanted to access them again at home, and in particular they wanted to HEAR them.  They asked me to put voice recordings with my poems especially for them and they gave me four good reasons why I should do this.


I made these websites for the children and I make my voice recordings for them too.

Please do make sure that they have "Google: JOSIE'S POEMS" on the corner of their books, and that they know where to go to HEAR the poems: