Secondary School Poems Reflective/Thinking Poems

We used to learn so much by heart  

      When I was but a child.

 To learn some things, I understood,

      But prayers?  This made me wild.


I asked myself: 'Why speak to God  

       Through someone else’s words?'

  He understands my own clear speech  

       And that of beasts and birds.


I’d sit in church with Mum or Dad  

     Reciting words I’d learned.

Did God hear me recite these words?

       Was He also concerned?


The thing which I remember most

    Was confirmation day.

Dressed all in white, with veils on heads,

   We assembled on display.


The Catechism had been learned –  

     We knew just what to say.

We’d learned it off by heart you see,  

     Especially for this day.  


The bishop came with shepherd's crook,

    His mitre and his gown.

We silly giggling teenage girls

    Caused everyone to frown.


The reward for learning things by heart

    Was to share the bread and wine -

But now I am a Methodist:  

    No prayers to learn – that’s fine!


PS  The Lord's Prayer is my exception,

of course.


Copyright on all my poems



By JosieWhitehead

By Heart - Heading