When things have gone wrong

    They’ll come tumbling back –

So find time to listen

    And help them unpack.


Their relationship’s finished –

    They've tears in their eyes

And their Mum and their Dad

    Are around to advise.


There’s a base to return to,

    And arms to embrace,

And a handkerchief’s waiting

    For the tears on the face.


There’s a kind listening ear

    And a face that’s well known,

And they don’t have to face things

    Out there on their own.


It’s a boomerang family

    Like millions more.

When the world is against them,

    They’ll knock on your door –


For a safe place of refuge,

    For care and support.

Oh let’s hope all their troubles

    Will only be short.


Copyright on all my poems


By Josie Whitehead

Boomerang Family (The) - Heading

Boomerang Child:   a young adult who returns to live at his or her family home especially for financial reasons.


When do young people leave home usually?  Is it the same in all countries?  Why do they return home to live with their parents again?  In my poem I say "the relationship's failed" but what do I mean by this?  Of course, this isn't the only reason that has driven them back to mother and father.  There are many things to discuss here in your classroom.  Josie

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