Reflective Poems This Mother/That Mother

Send me a dream of a world without war

Where man won’t treat others with hate any more

     And where folk are respected as humans should be.

     Let the change in the world start flowing from me.


Give me the vision to see just what is wrong.

Give me a heart which keeps true purpose strong.

    Give me the hope that the bad things I see

    Can be changed in this world starting with me.


These changes will start as I look all around

With my eyes looking outward and not on the ground.

     If we all make this change you will surely agree

    That love in this world stems from you and from me.


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Write down five things which you think you could personally do to make the world a more friendly place?


This poem was published in my book "Reflections" in 2010.  I hope you find it useful for a class discussion.  Josie

Be That Change - Heading




By Josie Whitehead